ThriVe® provides a variety of free services, so you can make an informed and empowered choice for your unplanned pregnancy!

Pre-Abortion Screening

We get it—an unplanned pregnancy can feel paralyzing. It can be easy to panic and make a snap decision at a time like this. You owe it to yourself to get all the facts so you can make an informed and empowered decision! Schedule a pre-abortion screening at ThriVe® Savannah to get your questions answered in a compassionate, confidential environment!

Your free pre-abortion screening includes a:

Free Pregnancy Tests

Have you missed your period? Are you experiencing pregnancy symptoms? Perhaps you’ve already taken a pregnancy test at home, but want a second opinion.

ThriVe® provides free pregnancy tests so you can be certain you’re pregnant. Results are 99% accurate and 100% confidential.

Free Ultrasounds

Ultrasounds provide the insight needed to make an informed and empowered decision for an unplanned pregnancy! They determine two key factors: viability and gestational age.

What is Pregnancy Viability?
A viable pregnancy means that the pregnancy is progressing properly. For example, at about six weeks, the embryo should have a heartbeat[1]. The goal is to rule out a nonviable pregnancy, such as a miscarriage or an ectopic pregnancy—in either case, abortion isn’t needed.

What is Gestational Age?
How far along am I? Your ultrasound can answer that question! It’s important to know how far along you are (also known as your gestational age), as Georgia law prohibits abortion beyond 6 weeks of pregnancy[2]. Additionally, you can’t take the abortion pill past 10 weeks of pregnancy[3].

Free STI Testing and Treatment

It’s crucial to be tested for STIs before an abortion! Even if you aren’t experiencing any STI symptoms, an abortion could exacerbate the infection, and cause it to spread to your uterus.

Don’t wait to get tested. ThriVe® provides free STI testing and treatment, so you can protect your health!

Unplanned Pregnancy Support in Savannah, Georgia

Get the care and support you deserve at ThriVe®. Give us a call at 912-999-7993 or schedule your appointment online today!

Can I get Emergency Contraception there?

ThriVe® does not provide emergency contraception (Plan B).

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