Do I need to have a missed period before my appointment?

Yes, and here’s why! Before you come in for a pregnancy test, ThriVe® asks you to be 28-31 days from your last period. This is to help ensure that your pregnancy test result is accurate. It generally takes the time of a missed period for this hormone to show up. Learn more about pregnancy options including abortion, adoption, & parenting.

Will my visit be confidential?

100%. ThriVe® has a strict confidentiality policy. We will not tell anyone about your visit with us, unless you give us permission to do so. When you walk into ThriVe®, you can be assured that we will do all we can to protect and respect your privacy. If you are concerned about confidentiality, you can talk to our center director personally. She will work with you to set up a time that you feel safe and comfortable with. ThriVe® will hold in confidence all the information that you provide except in these situations: if you are homicidal, suicidal, under age and being abused, or abusing someone else. We are required by state law to report such instances.

Do I need to make an appointment?

Walk-ins are welcome for pregnancy tests. If there is an available appointment, we will work with you to add you to the schedule. While walk-ins are welcome, we suggest scheduling an appointment to minimize your wait time!

What do I need to bring to my appointment?

Please bring a photo ID with you to your appointment.

Is there a cost?

All of our services are provided at no/low cost.

Do I need insurance?

We do not bill insurance for any of our services. We strive to provide a place for you to receive access to our services without having financial stressors (or the lack of insurance) to limit you. All of our services are provided at no to low cost.

Will my parents be notified if I am under 18? Do my parents or guardians need to be present if I am under 18?

If you are under 18 years old you can still receive pregnancy care without the permission or presence of parents or anyone else. While there are cases where we are mandated to report to the authorities, like abuse or sex trafficking, we do not reveal our clients’ information no matter their age unless we have your permission to do so.

Can I get birth control there?

ThriVe Express does not provide or prescribe birth control. However, you can meet with someone from our medical team to receive accurate information about your options for family planning.

Can I get Emergency Contraception there?

ThriVe® does not provide emergency contraception (Plan B).

Can I have an abortion in Georgia?

Georgia law prohibit most abortions after fetal heartbeat activity is detected. This typically occurs 5 to 6 weeks after your last menstrual period.

There are strict regulations on receiving abortion pills online. You are required to have an ultrasound to confirm you are under 6 weeks pregnant and must go to a medical clinic to receive abortion pills.

Can I order the abortion pill by mail?

The FDA recommends extreme caution against ordering the abortion pill online. Most abortion pills available online are not FDA-approved and might be counterfeit, ineffective, tainted, and unsafe. For your own health and safety, it is advised not to take any abortion medication purchased online.

How do I induce a period?

While the internet has many ways to induce your period, very few have been backed up with scientific research to prove if they are effective or safe. Taking unregulated medication, herbs, or online pills without consulting a healthcare provider can be unsafe. If there is any chance you might be pregnant, inducing a period may terminate your pregnancy.

Do you do induced periods or induced abortions?

No. Typically, induced periods and induced abortions refer to the use of the abortion pill to end a pregnancy. Inducing a period or abortion is unnatural to your body. It may not be safe for you to try to induce your period or an abortion with supplements or herbs, as they are unregulated and can cause serious side effects.

What if I change my mind? Can an abortion be reversed?

If you take the abortion pill and decide you don’t want to go through with it, the abortion may be able to be reversed. Call 912-999-7993 or go to as soon as possible to get connected to a medical provider in your area to start reversal treatment.  

How do I know if I am eligible for the Abortion Pill?

To find out if you are eligible for the abortion pill, you must first confirm pregnancy with a positive pregnancy test and have an ultrasound to confirm gestational age and viability. Georgia law prohibits most abortions after fetal heartbeat activity is detected (5 to 6 weeks gestation).