A possible pregnancy can be a very exciting time! But it can also bring with it a sense of uncertainty and questions. Our professional staff at ThriVe Express is here for you!

Thrive Savannah provides no-cost pregnancy testing performed by licensed medical professionals to verify your pregnancy. Our lab quality urine test is 99% accurate.

We also provide a limited obstetric ultrasound to assess the health and location of your pregnancy. An ultrasound can also help determine the stage of your pregnancy and your due date.

Here at ThriVe we know that families that are supported during the pregnancy feel more empowered. That is why we provide ongoing education opportunities throughout your pregnancy. We have no cost parenting classes, childbirth classes, breastfeeding classes, and pregnancy classes. We have resources for community assistance and can help provide documentation needed for WIC or pregnancy Medicaid

*Ultrasound services are offered if your pregnancy test is positive and you meet the medical assessment criteria made by our health care professional(s).